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What people say about my breastfeeding support::

Eleanor's advice was completely invaluable to me during those mad early newborn days. I was struggling to feed on one side and had a lot of pain for a few weeks, Eleanor helped me correct my baby's latch so it became less painful. She also helped me adjust my feeding position once my baby got bigger.

Eleanor's guidance is clear, straightforward, honest and cuts through the conflicting advice you find elsewhere, especially on the internet! Above all, Eleanor is kind and really wants to help you find a solution, you feel really supported. She is wonderful, every breastfeeding mother needs an Eleanor.


After the birth of my first child, Eleanor quickly became a calm, supportive confidence-inducing, realistic, pragmatic confident and advisor when I struggled with the realities of getting to know my new baby and understand how to feed him. I dread to imagine how much harder, more overwhelming and frightening the first weeks of my son's life would have been without her sage and loving support and advice. She will always be an extremely important woman in my life and I couldn't recommend her expertise, skills and friendship highly enough.


Eleanor was pivotal in helping me to continue breastfeeding when she took me under her wing at a difficult time, even paying me a visit at home to help find solutions to the problems I was having. I have since been breastfeeding with fewer hurdles - my baby is now 8 months old and we’re still going strong.

Eleanor is so dedicated to supporting mums and is a font of knowledge, always willing to answer any questions no matter how big or small. She is also very caring in her approach, which makes it easy to ask when you need help.

Eleanor’s support had such a positive impact on me that she also inspired me to train to become an NHS breastfeeding peer supporter. I have since completed the course and am hoping to use my own experience to help give back and complete the cycle of support!


Eleanor is such a lovely, eloquent warm person who provides amazing support on your breastfeeding journey. I always feel very reassured by her advice and empathetic approach, would definitely recommend her support


Eleanor is just who you need in a room when you're having a meltdown because your baby is kicking and crying and won't latch on again when you're in the midst of a baby mum group. When this happened recently and I was visibly struggling, Eleanor swooped in to help me with my baby and then offered to sit down with us separately,watch our feed and talk through the challenges I'd been having.

She was supportive, calming knowledgeable and also had a sense of humour which really helps when you're frazzled and frustrated. I left that session feeling much more reassured and confident about my ability to feed my baby and I wouldn't hesitate to go back to Eleanor for more support if I needed it.


Eleanor is a very experienced and knowledgeable as well as super friendly expert. She has given me great amount of confidence and belief in my role as a mum. Her advice is brilliant and delivered in a no fuss, kind, and mindful well. She encourages a great sense of well-being and can-do attitude.


When I first met Eleanor it felt like I’d known her for a long time, I felt at ease instantly.

As a breastfeeding mother of two, being very lucky not to have had any problems, i never thought to seek out specific advice, however after meeting Eleanor at a mother’s wellness group that she consults at, I learned so much about feeding and life as a mother in general.
It was great to chat through motherhood highs and lows and Eleanor has a beautiful, natural ability to make you feel you are simply perfect.

I’d recommend her to anyone needing support in their motherhood journey and I’ll certainly be staying in touch with her.


I'm a second time mum, however I've surpassed the length of time that I breastfed my eldest, so I'm definitely in unknown territory. With my son's top teeth coming in, it was starting to become painful to feed him. It in turn made me start to feel anxious and consider that maybe it was time to stopbbreastfeeding him.

Eleanor provided me with some really beneficial advice on how to deal with the baby when he bites me and it's allowed me to continue breastfeeding with confidence. More importantly, I now know what signs to look for before he makes his move.

Eleanor is amazing and I recommend her to all mums who need advice or additional knowledge on breastfeeding!


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